QLD Flexi Plates

The new glossy black Queensland 2x2 Flexi plates look very smart. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to mount neatly, and a plate that isn't mounted properly can begin to deteriorate in quite a short time.

  • As they are supplied with no mounting holes, the temptation is to use double-sided tape to fix them to the car's bodywork. Unfortunately, over time this can cause the vinyl backing (which forms the characters and background) to delaminate from the acrylic sheet of the plate itself. This shows up from the front of the plate as blotches or bubbles.

    Removing a plate, which has been fitted in this manner, can be almost impossible without causing noticable damage.

  • The glossy black finish very quickly deteriorates (especially in the case of the front plate) due to debris from the road surface damaging the mirror finish of the acrylic.

  • PPQ recommend these plates be fitted by drilling holes and screwing them to the bodywork. This avoids the problem of tape damaging the backing but introduces a different set of problems.

    • As most vehicles have just two mounting points for each plate, the acrylic plate will be left unsupported over most of its area. After a couple of seasons of hot sun and winter rain, these plates can begin to distort and curl.

    • If debris becomes trapped between the plate and the vehicle body, the rear surface can be abraded (as can the car's paintwork), in turn damaging the lettering and background.

Damage caused by any of these situations will void a plate's warranty.

QLD Flexi Slimline 291 x 100 plate mounted on LAKIN brackets.
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So, how do we get around these problems?

To keep them looking their best the Flexi plates must:

  1. be mounted securely so they can't vibrate or rattle,
  2. be supported over their full area, and
  3. be protected from stone chips.
QLD Flexi Slimline 291 x 100 plate ready to mount on a LAKIN bracket.
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QLD Flexi Slimline 291 x 100 plate mounted on LAKIN bracket - showing corner detail.
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Fitting Flexi plates to LAKIN brackets.

If your vehicle doesn't have a smooth area on which to mount the Flexi plates, points (1) and (2) can be dealt with by using our purpose-made brackets. These have fittings in the four corners to which the plate can be secured, using the glossy black, button-head screws we include with each bracket.

Many customers choose to send us their plates. We machine the mounting holes with our CNC router. This ensures they are accurately placed, as well as taking the worry of shattering the plates out of your hands. At the same time, we radius the sharp corners and polish the edges of the plates to a mirror finish.

The first photo to the right show an example of bracket and the Flexi plate ready to be fitted. The second photo shows in detail the finish of the plate edges and the glossy, black securing screws.

We are also able to supply similar screws in a 'tamper-proof' style.

QLD Flexi Slimline 291 x 100 plate sitting in LAKIN bracket.
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QLD Flexi Slimline 291 x 100 plate mounted in LAKIN bracket with Kingpin cover.
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There are a couple of ways point (3) can be dealt with...

  1. Find someone who supplies/applies paintwork protection film - your car dealership should be able to recommend one.

    The protective film is virtually invisible and is very effective at protecting the acrylic against all but the sharpest/heaviest stone damage.

  2. Protect the plates with number plate covers. These can be replaced much more cheaply than the plates, if they become damaged.

Fitting Flexi plates to LAKIN brackets with Kingpin covers.

Our Kingpin covers are easy to fit to the standard width Flexi plates (372mm wide). Things are a little more challenging with the narrower plates - those which are only 291mm wide.

The images to the left show how we fit a mini slimline Flexi plate onto one of our LAKIN brackets behind a Kingpin cover.

Please call me (Philip - 1300 838 454) to discuss fitting your QLD Flexi Plates, or send me an e-mail using this form.